NIT predictions

The NCAA bracket has been released and there was only surprise to me, Arizona State. So, now that we know the 68 teams, here are the 32 that I believe will make the NIT tournament. Also item of note, Georgia has said they will not accept an NIT bid, so that opened up a slot for the Temple Owls.

NIT Bracketology:

1’s- Notre Dame, USC, Baylor, Saint Mary’s

2’s- Middle Tennessee St, Louisville, Marquette, Oklahoma State

3’s- Utah, Penn State, Mississippi State, Boise State

4’s- Nebraska, LSU, Western Kentucky, Washington

5’s- Vermont, UCF, Toledo, Maryland

6’s- Rider, UC Davis, Louisiana, Temple

7’s- Harvard, UNC-Asheville, Northern Kentucky, Wagner

8’s- SE Louisiana, Florida Gulf Coast, Hampton, Arkansas-Pine Bluff

FIRST FOUR OUT: BYU, Old Dominion, Boston College, Tulsa

NEXT FOUR OUT: Northeastern, Illinois State, Belmont, South Carolina


1- Notre Dame                   1-Saint Mary’s              1-USC                1-Baylor

8-FGCU                                8-Hampton                    8- Ark-PB         8- SE Louisiana

4- Nebraska                      4- Washington              4- WKU               4- LSU

5- Toledo                           5-Vermont                       5-Maryland       5- UCF

3- Penn State                    3- Utah                            3-Boise State      3-Miss State

6- Rider                             6- UC Davis                     6- Temple           6-Louisiana

2-Marquette                    2-Louisville                     2-Okla St             2- MTSU

7- Harvard                      7- N Kentucky                 7- Wagner           7- UNC-Asheville


NEXT UPDATE: my NCAA selection analysis



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