Updated Seed List as of 230pm 3/10/18

This conference tournament season has not disappointed if you enjoy drama. With Nevada losing in the Mountain West Semifinals, gives the Mountain West another bid. With that outcome I have moved Louisville out of the field, due to St. Bonaventure’s win this evening. I think with a loss to Davidson, as of right now I will move the Bonnies out of the field and the Cardinals back in. Good news is the only other possible bid stealers are on Sunday in the American and Atlantic 10 conferences. This will be an interesting end to Championship Week. So right now St. Bonaventure is on my cut line, but with wins will stay above the line and make Oklahoma and Trey Young the next victims. Who would have saw that two weeks ago. Also this comes before any seed scrubbing that happens, which will all come this afternoon.

(Bold equals locked bid)
1’s- Virginia, Villanova, Kansas, Xavier
2’s- North Carolina, Duke, Purdue, Cincinnati
3’s- Tennessee, Wichita State, Michigan State, West Virginia
4’s- Texas Tech, Michigan, Clemson, Auburn
5’s- Arizona, Gonzaga, Ohio State, Kentucky
6’s- Houston, Miami (FL), Florida, Seton Hall
7’s- TCU, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Nevada
8’s- Creighton, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Butler
9’s- Rhode Island, Kansas State, Missouri, Providence
10’s-Alabama,NC State, Texas, UCLA
11’s- USC, St. Bonaventure/Baylor, Syracuse/Oklahoma, Loyola (CH)
12’s- Western Kentucky, San Diego State, Buffalo, New Mexico State
13’s- Murray State, South Dakota State, UNC Greensboro, Charleston
14’s- Bucknell, Montana, Wright State, Lipscomb
15’s- Iona, UC Santa Barbara, Harvard, UT Arlington
16’s- RadfordUMBC, SE Louisiana/Hampton, LIU-Brooklyn/Ark-Pine Bluff
FIRST FOUR OUT: Louisville, Arizona State,Middle Tennessee St, St. Marys
NEXT FOUR OUT: Notre Dame, Oklahoma St., Marquette, Utah


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