Seed List as of 1130am 3/11/18

So I’ve made my final selections for the field and I’m surprised at some of the results. I probably looked to much at the analytics, but here is what I saw: ( I didn’t include Oklahoma St here due to RPI of 87 (would be highest at-large ever) or Notre Dame who only owns 2 Q2 Wins and an RPI in the high 60’s)

(Note: All numbers found on (Total of 6 spots available for these teams)

NC State: 62 RPI, 64 SOS, 5 Quad 1 Wins, 6 Away/Neutral Wins (3 Q1), 1 Bad Loss

Texas: 50 RPI, 6 Quad 1 Wins, 19 SOS, 6 Away/Neu Wins (3Q1), 0 Bad Loss

St. Bonaventure: 29 RPI, 90 SOS, 3 Quad 1 W’s, 13 A/N Wins (3 Q1), 3 Bad Losses

Baylor: 65 RPI, 21 SOS, 4 Q1 Wins, 4 A/N Wins (2 Q1), 1 Bad Loss

Syracuse: 44 RPI, 17 SOS, 4 Q1 Wins, 6 A/N Wins (2 Q1), 2 Bad Losses, Exceptional Non-Con #’s (15 N/C RPI & 14 N/C SOS)

Oklahoma: 48 RPI, 28 SOS, 6 Q1 Wins, 5 A/N Wins (3 Q1), 1 Bad Loss

Louisville: 39 RPI, 14 SOS, 3 Q1 Wins, 6 A/N Wins (3 Q1), 0 Bad Losses, 0 Wins vs. RPI T50

Saint Mary’s: 41 RPI, 168 SOS, 12 A/N Wins (2 Q1), 2 Q1 Wins, 2 Bad Losses

Arizona State: 64 RPI, 76 SOS, 7 A/N Wins (3 Q1), 3 Q1 Wins, 0 Bad Losses, N/C RPI is 9

MTSU: 34 RPI, 89 SOS, 13 A/N Wins (2 Q1), 2 Q1 Wins, 1 Bad Loss, Strong N/C #’s (25/9)

Marquette: 58 RPI, 26 SOS, 8 A/N Wins (3 Q1), 3 Q1 Wins, 1 Bad Loss

As you can see I was actually surprised at the strength of Syracuse’s profile and just how weak Baylor’s is. St. Marys will probably be the area I’m the most wrong in. They will probably make the field but other than a win @ Gonzaga, they have absolutely nothing of use in their resume. Middle Tennessee State is the first team out and with a loss to Davidson, St. Bonaventure will be removed and MTSU added. That will be my only change on team selection for my final predicition. I will be scrubbing seed lines in a little bit, but I’m pretty content with where my seeds are. The only other possible “bid stealer” that is left is Davidson. So everyone should be tuned into CBS Sports Network right now and see what happens. In my opinion if St. Bonaventure victory and the field of 68 will be set with no possible bid stealing to be done. We would just have to wait for the Ivy League and Sun Belt Championship games.
(Bold equals locked bid)
1’s- Virginia, Villanova, Kansas, Xavier
2’s- North Carolina, Duke, Purdue, Cincinnati
3’s- Tennessee, Michigan State, West Virginia, Texas Tech
4’s- Michigan, Clemson, Auburn, Wichita State
5’s- Arizona, Gonzaga, Ohio State, Kentucky
6’s- Houston, Miami (FL), Florida, Arkansas
7’s- TCU, Texas A&M, Seton Hall, Nevada
8’s- Creighton, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Butler
9’s- Rhode Island, Alabama, Missouri, Providence
10’s-Kansas State, USC, UCLA, Texas
11’s- Syracuse, Oklahoma/NC State, St. Bonaventure/Louisville, Loyola (CH)
12’s- Marshall, San Diego State, Buffalo, New Mexico State
13’s- Murray State, South Dakota State, UNC Greensboro, Charleston
14’s- Bucknell, Montana, Wright State, Lipscomb
15’s- Iona, Stephen F Austin, Harvard, UT Arlington
16’s- CS Fullerton, Radford, UMBC/LIU-Brooklyn, NC-Central/Texas Southern
FIRST FOUR OUT: Middle Tennessee State, Marquette, Arizona St, Baylor
OTHERS CONSIDERED (in order): St. Marys, Notre Dame, Oklahoma St.


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