NIT Projection FINAL

Here it is with my final NIT projection:


1’s- Syracuse, Illinois State, California, Houston

2’s- Georgia, Ole Miss, Iowa, Illinois

3’s- Monmouth, Clemson, Houston, Georgia Tech

4’s- Boise St, Utah, Colorado State, Alabama

5’s- Akron, TX-Arlington, Indiana, Charleston

6’s- UCF, Texas Tech, Tennessee, BYU

7’s- Davidson, Valparaiso, Texas A&M, UC Irvine

8’s- Belmont, Oakland, UNC-Greensboro, South Dakota

Here is the bracket:

REGION A:                                                                                           REGION B:                                                          

1- Syracuse vs 8-Oakland                                                       1- Illinois State vs 8- South Dakota

4-Colorado State vs. 5- Akron                                              4-Utah vs 5-Indiana

3- Monmouth vs 6- UCF                                                         3- Georgia Tech vs 6-Tennessee

2- Ole Miss vs 7- Davidson                                                    2-Houston vs 7-Valparasio

REGION C:                                                                                            REGION D:                                                         

1- Iowa vs 8-Belmont                                                              1- California vs 16- UNC-Greensboro

4- TCU vs 5- Texas Arlington                                                4- Boise St vs 5- Charleston

3- Clemson vs 6-Texas Tech                                                   3- Alabama vs 6-BYU

2- Georgia vs 7- Texas A&M                                                   2- Illinois vs 7-UC Irvine


Region C vs. Region A                                     Region D vs Region B


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