My bracket analysis

Well the selection committee has done its due diligence and what I wrote about before was the only difference is selected team. I went 67/68 with USC being taken over Syracuse. I’m guessing this was a contentious argument for the selection committee. As a Syracuse fan, I’m disappointed, however I am not upset with this selection. I believe I would have had all 68 teams if USC lost to Washington like they almost did in the 1st round of the Pac-12.

Seeding was abslouley horrid, the committee did a horrible job. Vanderbilt a #9?, Middle Tennessee would have been left out of the field?, Florida a #4?, and the list could go on. This is not an easy job and I 100% understand that, but they didn’t seed based on the whole body of work, but say they selected on the whole body of work?

Here is my paymon score below, I scored 3 less points that last year.

67 teams selected correctly  x 3 points =  201 points

33 teams seeded correctly x 3 points = 99 points

21 teams off by one seed line x 1 point = 21 teams

13 teams off by more than 1 seed line x 0 points = 0 points

1 team not selected correctly x 0 points = 0 points

TOTAL SCORE = 321 points

Not a good year for selecting better luck next year for me. NIT projection coming up in approx. 1 hour.


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