FINAL Seed List/Bracket 3/12/17 515pm

Here it is folks, been a long exciting season, and I expect that to continue to the postseason no matter if it is the NCAA, NIT, CIT, or CBI. I have a final seed list & bracket for the NCAA attached. I will also be posting an final NIT projection after the NCAA field is announced.

Now, for the selections, yes I am a native Central New Yorker (yes Pat Forde, Syracuse is in CNY not WNY), so I do love my Orange more than I can explain here. However, I do believe based on the past couple years, those wins by far are what is keeping them in the tournament. I just truly believe that, I will not be surprised if I am putting them into my NIT projection later this evening. That leaves the last two spots for Providence, Kansas State, and USC to fight over. Providence is in not questions about it. Kansas St I believe playing in the Big XII has helped them with their metrics, and I believe the committee has decided upon using the advanced metrics such as KenPom, BPI, and Sagarin. USC lacks in these metrics by far, and all of those teams resumes are close, so I leave out them. If I was a one man selection committee, here it is. Please leave questions/comments/concern in the comment section. I wont be surprised to have one team off (USC/Syracuse), but sorry Redbird fans, Illinois St isn’t even in the discussion any more.


Updated with games played thru 3/12/17

(be sure to visit

Italics means team is on bubble

1’s- Villanova, Gonzaga, Kansas, North Carolina

2’s- Arizona, Florida, Louisville, Kentucky

3’s- Oregon, Baylor, UCLA, Duke

4’s- Florida State, Butler, West Virginia, SMU

5’s- Notre Dame, Iowa State, Cincinnati, Virginia

6’s-Purdue, Wisconsin, Saint Mary’s, Maryland

7’s- Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia Tech, Wichita State

8’s-  Miami (FL), Northwestern, VCU, Oklahoma State

9’s- Dayton, Creighton, Arkansas,  South Carolina

10’s- Xavier, Seton Hall, Vanderbilt, Michigan State

11’s- Wake Forest, Middle Tenn. St,  Rhode Island, Marquette/Kansas St

12’s- Providence/Syracuse, UNC-Wilmington, Nevada, Vermont

13’s- Princeton,  East Tenn. St, Bucknell, New Mexico St

14’s- Winthrop, Florida Gulf Coast, Northern Kentucky, Iona

15’s- Kent  St, Texas Southern, Jacksonville St, Mt St Mary’s

16’s-North Dakota, New Orleans, South Dakota St./UC Davis, NC-Central/Troy

FIRST FOUR OUT- USC, Illinois St, California, Houston


Region #1 (NEW YORK)

@ Buffalo

1- Villanova vs. 16 NC-Central/Troy                                        8- Miami (FL) vs 9-Arkansas

@ Orlando

4- Florida St vs 13- E Tennessee St                                   5- Cincinnati vs 12- UNC-Wilmington

@ Salt Lake City

3- UCLA vs 14- Northern Kentucky                                  6- Wisconsin vs 11- Rhode Island

@ Indianapolis

2- Louisville vs 15- Kent St                                                7- Minnesota vs 10-Seton Hall

REGION #4 (Memphis)

@ Greenville

1- North Carolina vs. 16- New Orleans                 8- VCU vs 9- Creighton

@ Milwaukee

4- SMU vs 13- New Mexico State                         5- Iowa State vs 12- Providence/Syracuse

@ Tulsa

3- Baylor vs 14- FGCU                                    6- Maryland vs 11- Wake Forest

@ Orlando

2- Florida vs 15- Mount St Marys            7- Virginia Tech vs 10-Xavier


@ Sacarmento

1- Gonzaga  vs 16- UC Davis/Sovuth Dakota St      8- Oklahoma St vs 9- South Carolina

@ Buffalo

4- West Virginia vs 13- Bucknell         5- Virginia vs 12- Vermont

@ Greenville

3- Duke vs 14 Winthrop                       6- Saint Mary’s vs 11- Middle Tenn St

@ Salt Lake City

2- Arizona vs 15- Texas Southern       7- Wichita State vs 10- Michigan State


@ Tulsa

1- Kansas vs 16- North Dakota                    8- Northwestern vs 9- Dayton

@ Milwaukee

4- Butler vs 13- Princeton                           5- Notre Dame vs 12- Nevada

@ Sacarmento

3- Oregon vs 14- Iona                              6- Purdue vs 11- Marquette/Kansas State

@ Indianapolis

2- Kentucky vs 15- Jacksonville St             7- Michigan vs 10-Vanderbilt


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