Seed List Update 3/8/17 5pm

Again in the mid afternoon time slot, we turned to Brooklyn for the only real game of consequence on the NCAA or NIT tournament picture. Clemson was in a must win situation against Duke and they also were not able to accomplish this falling to the Blue Devils 79-72. This eliminates the Tigers from consideration for the NCAA tournament, however I will not drop them on the NIT seed line at this time. Like I said I was doing some seed scrubbing and I have been able to get lines 1-6 done, will continue to scrub throughout the night. I will have my next update in a few hours after the late afternoon games, which also has only one game of consequence as of this time, and that is in Vegas as Cal must defeat Oregon State to remain in consideration. Their resume can not take a loss like that to survive, this is more of a game where a loss will severely hurt the Bears, but will not move them up, only has an opportunity to move them down.

Updated with games played thru 3/8/17 5pm

Italics means team is on bubble

1’s- Villanova, Kansas, North Carolina, Gonzaga

2’s- Florida, Louisville,Kentucky, Baylor

3’s- UCLA, Oregon, Florida State, Arizona

4’s- Duke, Butler, West Virginia, Purdue

5’s- SMU, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Virginia

6’s-Wisconsin, Iowa State, Maryland, Saint Mary’s

7’s- Minnesota, Dayton, Virginia Tech, Wichita State

8’s- South Carolina, Miami (FL), VCU, Oklahoma State

9’s- Creighton, Arkansas, Northwestern, Michigan

10’s- Marquette, Michigan State, Wake Forest, Seton Hall

11’s- Vanderbilt, Xavier, Providence/Syracuse, USC/Illinois State

12’s- Middle Tenn St, UNC-Wilmington, Nevada, UT-Arlington

13’s- Vermont, Princeton, Akron, East Tenn St

14’s- Bucknell, Winthrop, CS-Bakersfield, Florida Gulf Coast

15’s- Northern Kentucky, Iona, Texas Southern, UC Irvine

16’s- Jacksonsville State, Mt St Marys, North Dakota/New Orleans, South Dakota St./NC-Central

FIRST FOUR OUT- Rhode Island, California, Kansas State, Houston

NEXT FOUR OUT- TCU, Iowa, Illinois, Texas Tech

ALSO CONSIDERED- Ole Miss, Georgia


1’s- Rhode Island, California, Kansas State, Houston

2’s- TCU, Clemson, Iowa, Illinois

3’s- Monmouth, Texas Tech, Ole Miss, Georgia

4’s- Georgia Tech, Boise St, Utah, Colorado State

5’s- Indiana, Ohio State, Charleston, UCF

6’s- Alabama, Tennessee, BYU, Texas A&M

7’s- New Mexico State, Valparaiso, Fresno State, Pittsburgh

8’s- Belmont, Oakland, UNC-Greensboro, South Dakota,

FIRST FOUR OUT- Richmond, New Mexico, Auburn, George Washington

ALSO CONSIDERED- Towson, George Mason, Davidson


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