Seed List 3/8/17 3pm

The only game in the early afternoon session that had an impact on either of the seed lists below was out of Brooklyn. I believe to feel easy on Sunday the Orange had to win today, and they didn’t do that. As of now, I only switch Providence and Syracuse in the S-curve. I haven’t gotten a chance to scrub the bubble yet and that will be happening as soon as this post is published. But, I honestly think when looking at the weak bubble based on where we are at this point the Orange didn’t lose any ground, but they can longer help their case. So for all you fellow Orange fans lets hope for no bubble team to be successful this evening, or there is a good chance that we can take a walk up the hill on Tuesday or Wednesday night for a first round NIT game at the Carrier Dome.

Updated with games played thru 3/8/17 3pm

Italics means team is on bubble

1’s- Villanova, Kansas, Gonzaga,  North Carolina

2’s- Louisville, Oregon, Kentucky, Baylor

3’s- Florida State, Arizona, UCLA, Florida

4’s- Duke, Butler, West Virginia, Purdue

5’s- SMU, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Maryland

6’s-Wisconsin, Iowa State, Virginia, Saint Mary’s

7’s- Minnesota, Dayton, Virginia Tech, Wichita State

8’s- South Carolina, Miami (FL), VCU, Oklahoma State

9’s- Creighton, Arkansas, Northwestern, Michigan

10’s- Marquette, Michigan State, Wake Forest, Seton Hall

11’s- Vanderbilt, Xavier, Providence/Syracuse, USC/Illinois State

12’s- Middle Tenn St, UNC-Wilmington, Nevada, UT-Arlington

13’s- Vermont, Princeton, Akron, East Tenn St

14’s- Bucknell, Winthrop, CS-Bakersfield, Florida Gulf Coast

15’s- Northern Kentucky, Iona, Texas Southern, UC Irvine

16’s- Jacksonsville State, Mt St Marys, North Dakota/New Orleans, South Dakota St./NC-Central

FIRST FOUR OUT- Rhode Island, California, Kansas State, Houston

NEXT FOUR OUT- TCU, Clemson, Iowa, Illinois

ALSO CONSIDERED- Monmouth, Texas Tech, Ole Miss, Georgia


1’s- Rhode Island, California, Kansas State, Houston

2’s- TCU, Clemson, Iowa, Illinois

3’s- Monmouth, Texas Tech, Ole Miss, Georgia

4’s- Georgia Tech, Boise St, Utah, Colorado State

5’s- Indiana, Ohio State, Charleston, UCF

6’s- Alabama, Tennessee, BYU, Texas A&M

7’s- New Mexico State, Valparasio, Fresno State, Pittsburgh

8’s- Belmont, Oakland, UNC-Greensboro, South Dakota,

FIRST FOUR OUT- Richmond, New Mexico, Auburn, George Washington

ALSO CONSIDERED- Towson, George Mason, Davidson


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